Why Clients Choose Bioguard

Why do Healthcare Professionals trust Bioguard?

Scientifically proven Bioguard contains the power of BIOCHEM®, the unique blend of QACs we have created for high-performance cleaning and disinfection.

BIOCHEM® consists of a synergised blend of differing quaternary ammonium compounds (quats), surfactants and emollients. This makes Bioguard cleaning and disinfectant products effective, fast acting and ensures safe high performance.

Independently tested

Superior cleaning and disinfection capability in one go

Eco friendly and non hazardous

Highly economical in use

User friendly

Usable on most surfaces

Bioguard cleaning and disinfectant products are proven biodegradable and non-accumulative in our eco-system. This makes it easy to dispose without following any special procedures.

Removes Soil on Surfaces
Step 1

First, it removes soiling on surfaces.

Polyatomic Ions in Bioguard Products
Step 2

Then, Polyatomic ions in Bioguard disinfectants penetrate the protective shell of microorganisms.

Compound Break Down
Step 3

As a result, the compound breaks down the bacteria membrane and contacts the surface.