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World-class UK Cleaning and Disinfectant Products from the UK

For over 20 years, Bioguard has manufactured world-class cleaning, hygiene, and infection control products. Our range of products is regularly used and trusted by healthcare professionals in over 15,000 healthcare sites in the UK, Europe, & GCC.

Our R&D team works in collaboration with leading product users to provide the best to customers. Bioguard products are independently tested and in compliance with British and European Testing Standards. The manufacturing facilities located in the UK are ISO 90001:2015 & GMP approved. Generally, most disinfectants contain toxic and hazardous chemicals that negatively affect our health and, ultimately, our environment. Moreover, such disinfectants damage and degrade surfaces, which in turn increase costs.

Bioguard R&D Team researched, formulated, and made the UK the high-performance compound Biochem® to upgrade cleaning and disinfection quality. Bioguard + Biochem® quickly eliminates harmful viruses, bacteria, and spores. Now, you can use our product range without damaging surfaces or your skin. Even in a high-risk environment, our alcohol-free disinfectants will defend you against every disease.

Bioguard- Protecting Our World

The old hygiene, cleaning, and disinfectant products neglected the harmful effects on hands and surfaces. The damage on surfaces increased costs, and the toxic VOCs were a health threat to patients and hospital staff.

Bioguard R&D team innovated a world-class disinfectant product range with the power of BIOCHEM® -we created this compound for high-performance cleaning and disinfection. We can ensure users get a consistent and high level of product performance by using this compound across the product range. Moreover, Bioguard cleaning and disinfectant products are easy to use and protect users and our environment.

Bioguard gives us valuable benefits:


Used by healthcare professionals across the UK and Europe in high-risk environments. Bioguard products are protecting GCC countries and now India.


Independently tested to the highest European and British standards against high-risk organisms.


Ensuring our product is gentle when in contact with skin and meets certain users’ demand.

pH Neutral

Neutral pH not only helps protecting the skin but also the surfaces where it is being used. It also ensures Health and Safety compliance and a safe working environment


Products are non-hazardous and non-toxic and have been MEA & VOC tested to ensure they are safe and do not harm users.


The product will not be deactivated or ineffective in environments with high soiling levels.


It is effective in under 30 seconds*.


Eco-friendly and non-damaging to the environment.


3 years long shelf life.


Using one product eliminates the risk of operatives using the wrong product, mixing products causing chemical reactions, or deactivating products.


Usable on virtually all surfaces (including fabrics and furnishings), so can decontaminate whole environments without causing degradation to surfaces.


Combined cleaning and disinfection capability eliminates the need for multiple products.


Broad Spectrum Microbiological efficacy means our products are effective against a wide variety of organisms such as ESKAPE pathogens & Clostridium difficile (spores & bacteria), Hepatitis, Tuberculosis, Norovirus, HIV, MRSA, and Avian Flu.

Manufacturing Excellence

Having full control over the entire research & development and manufacturing processes ensures we produce the highest quality products made to our exacting quality standards as well as the latest ISO & GMP registration standards.

Patented Compound

All products are powered by Biochem, a unique compound for high performance cleaning & disinfection; effective against bacteria, viruses & spores including Covid-19.